Kienker Consulting
Serving Michigan's Philanthropic Organizations

Kienker Consulting LLC

Serving Michigan’s Philanthropic Organizations


Providing technical assistance and support to grantmakers and nonprofits

Founded in 2016, Kienker Consulting is a southeastern Michigan-based philanthropic consulting firm. As researchers and practitioners formerly based at the Indiana University School of Philanthropy, we bring world-class research and best practices to our clients.



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Powered by the experts at Kienker Consulting, Ask CMF (a technical assistance service for the Council of Michigan Foundations’ members) responds to hundreds of questions annually, leading to new ideas, solutions, and resources that have become a valued part of foundations’ work across the state.

Philanthropic Services

Leveraging best practices in grantmaking and fundraising to bridge the financial and strategic needs of foundations and nonprofit organizations.


Collaborating with clients to better fulfill their mission and goals through content expertise and practitioner-oriented solutions.


Utilizing world-class academic experience in philanthropic research and problem solving to best fit the unique, real-world challenges of our clients.

Educational and Conference presentations

Kienker Consulting regularly presents conference sessions and webinars for working professionals, in addition to creating educational materials around best practices and pressing topics that directly influence the work of our clients.

Technical Assistance

Addressing short-form questions that arise for philanthropic organizations, allowing them to apply best practices and cutting-edge knowledge to their most pressing situations.



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